Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Last week,  we have learned about farming methods and innovations that are being used to grow food for cities. Every method has its benefits and challenges. These are the urban farms we think would work best in our ciites.

La setmana passada hem après nous mètodes i innovacions agrícoles  per produir menjar per al nostre poble. Cada mètode té els seus beneficis i reptes. Aquests són els horts urbans que pensem que funcionaran millor .

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Sunday, 21 January 2018


We have just began unit 3 .
We have researched a crop we chose ( type of seeds, soil and water it needs).
This is what we have learned. You can see all the information on a bulletin board.

Tot just acabem de començar la unitat 3.
Hem investigat en internet una collita que havíem triat ( tipus de llavors, sòl i aigua que necessiten).
Això és el que hem après. Podeu veure tota la informació en un mural.

Monday, 11 December 2017


In Unit 2, we explored basic principles of nutrition ( pyramid of food ), shared what a healthy meal looks like in Sant Boi, and investigated the impact of processed food and added sugar on health ( how much sugar do we drink/ eat). We analyzed how advertisements influence food choices in different ways. For the final unit project, we explored and map our local food environment by taking a walk around our school’s neighborhood and online research. We created a presentation to share with our international peers. Our challenge was to develop ideas about how we could improve access to healthy foods in our community.

A la Unitat 2, hem explorat els principis bàsics de la nutrició (piràmide alimentària), compartit el que és un menjar saludable a Sant Boi, i investigat l'impacte dels aliments processats i el sucre afegit sobre la salut (quant de sucre consumim / mengem). Hem analitzat  com els anuncis influeixen en e que triem . Per al projecte de la unitat final, hem explorat i mapejat el nostre entorn alimentari local passejant pel barri de la nostra escola i la recerca en línia. Hem creat una presentació per compartir amb els nostres companys internacionals. El nostre repte era desenvolupar idees sobre com podríem millorar l'accés a aliments saludables de la nostra comunitat.


Monday, 6 November 2017


Here we are.... explaining to our classmates the information we have found about the cities in our collaboration.... FOREST.

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Thursday, 19 October 2017


We are Forest collaboration .We will be working together with classes from:


Barcelona (Spain)
Boston/Medford (USA)
Fort Lauderdale/Broward (USA)
Jacksonville (USA)
Jakarta (Indonesia)
London (United Kingdom)
Medellin (Columbia)
Mumbai (India)
New York City (USA)
Warsaw (Poland

In our first discussion post, we  share information about ourselves, our  city, and our  favorite foods.
Now we are learning  more about the cities in our collaboration  by doing online research. We look up the language, foods, and famous buildings in each city. 

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